Tasmi Al-Quran Juz 30

Tasmi Al-Quran Juz 30

Tasmi al-Quran is a tradition in the life of Muslims which has a very deep meaning. In Islamic culture, tasmi al-Quran is a ritual of reading the Al-Quran with great respect and devotion. This tradition involves reading verses of the holy Koran slowly, clearly, and with devotion, often accompanied by a mesmerizing recitation.

At Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Cibubur Middle School, every step of education not only includes academic learning, but also places a strong emphasis on religious values ​​and spirituality. One of the activities that is highly valued at this school is “Tasmi Al-Quran,” a tradition that teaches students about the solemnity in reading the Al-Quran and understanding the meanings contained in it.

After going through a journey full of dedication and perseverance, students at Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Cibubur Middle School have the opportunity to take part in Al-Quran tahfidz graduation activities. Before they achieve this achievement, they are required to complete one Juz (section) of the Koran properly and correctly. This is an extraordinary achievement that shows the students’ perseverance and thoroughness in studying Islamic scriptures.


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