Error Analysis of Students’ Writing

Error Analysis of Students’ Writing : Sukmayanti, S.Pd
English has four skill, there are listening, speaking, reading, and writing. In writing, some students have errors or mistakes in English. The teachers must do someone methods to deduct errors and mistakes. Error and mistake are different. Do you know what is different error and mistake? According to Norrish (1993:7) Error is systematic deviation that takes place when a student has not learned something and repeatedly gets things wrong. Error can not be corrected because of a lack of knowledge. According to Yankson (1996) mistake is a type of linguistic deviance, but it is a slip, the result of tiredness, emotional stress, nervousness, memory lapse or preoccupation with subject. The students can do corrections after they make mistakes

Here the solution to decrease error or mistake in students’ writing:
1. Before learning, giving the student ice breaking, make the students are happy and be focused 2. After ice breaking, the students must listen English carefully from audio or speaker. 3. After listening, the students read aloud the text. 4. The teacher asks some questions to the students. 5. After reading aloud, the teacher teaches some materials and do writing collaborative with students. 6. The students do mistake will be help with a clever student. However, they help each other in writing. 7. The teacher checks all mistakes and all errors. The teacher do analyze of mistakes in writing; spelling mistakes, grammar mistakes, punctuation mistakes, usage mistakes. a) Example students makes spelling mistake : buk, pensil, and wrait Correction : book, pencil, write b) Example students makes grammar mistake : She have some books. Correction : She has some book. c) Example students makes Punctuation mistake : english is easy Correction : English is easy. d) Example students makes usage mistake : I get a lot many money Correction : I get much money.

Conclusion of this article ,
we know about differences errors and mistakes. We can improve in English writing by sing a song using English lyric, watch movie using English subtitles, reading English story. After you do what you like, you can do writing correctly.

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