The Door to the Future is Open at Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Cibubur! 

The Door to the Future is Open at Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Cibubur! 🎓✨

We are happy to welcome prospective students who have taken the 1st batch of entrance tests at Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Cibubur! These talented prospective students have passed the selection test with flying colors, and we are proud to welcome them into our big family.

At Al-Azhar Syifa Budi, education is not just lessons in class, but also an adventure full of knowledge, ethics and creativity. With experienced teachers, an excellent curriculum, and modern facilities, we build a strong foundation for every student’s bright future.

Haven’t you registered yet? Don’t worry! There is still a chance to join us through the next wave. Let’s guide children towards success together. At Al-Azhar Syifa Budi, we not only instill knowledge, but also moral values ​​that will guide them throughout their lives.

Don’t miss this opportunity to provide the best education for your child. We open the doors to their future with knowledge, inspiration and dedication. Call us immediately at 087-882-181-900 or visit our website at for further information.

Join Al-Azhar Syifa Budi Cibubur School, a place where dreams and achievements come together


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